This is the basics to getting hyperspin support to work.

modify the settings.properties file. There are 5 hyperspin specific variables


hyperspinthemes: This will enable the theme drop down list. This can be hidden just because you don't care about hyperspin, or if you always want to use the normal themes only.

hyperspinthemedir: This is the directory where all the themes are located. Usually in the hyperspins media/mame/themes directory. This is where the main .xml file is located. This is used to find a list of all working themes we could use.

hyperspinmamedirectory: This is the database directory for mame. This is where we will create the new category.xml files and the mame.xml file of the combined 'all games' list.

hyperspindefaulttheme: This is the default theme if you want one. mrdo isn't the best default, but worked for testing. But if you have a good generic theme for all games without one… This will be used.

hyperspindescriptioncleanup: This will remove all the (bla bla) in the descriptions. So if you want "PuckMan (Japan set 1, Probably Bootleg)" to look like "PuckMan"… turn this on.

Next, how I setup Hyperspin…

Modify the HyperSpin\Settings\MAME.ini file.


I change the them to:


This allows you to use the flv file for the clone, and the theme of the parent (which you selected in the webpage or used the default).

NOTE: if you do this, and the game doesn't have a flv file… you don't get a video… there are torrents out there with like every game in MAME though. So I think you should be good.

Let me know if there is any other hyperspin configuration ideas you have!

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